BMW A/C & Heater Repair Services near Miami, FL

BMRauto, located at 5823 Rodman St in Hollywood, FL 33023, specializes in BMW vehicle A/C and heater repair, as well as other BMW maintenance services. Our expert technicians ensure your BMW's climate control system functions perfectly, providing comfort and reliability throughout the year.

BMW Air Conditioning Problems

A/C - hot air

If your BMW's air conditioning is blowing hot air, it could be due to a lack of refrigerant or a failing compressor. Our technicians can diagnose and fix the issue to restore cool air to your cabin.

A/C - leak

Refrigerant leaks are a common issue in vehicle A/C systems. At BMRauto, we use the latest diagnostic tools to locate and seal leaks, ensuring your A/C operates efficiently.

A/C - making noise

Noises from the A/C system may indicate a problem with the compressor or loose belts. We can inspect and repair any issues, ensuring a quiet and smooth operation.

A/C - blower not working

A non-functional blower can result from electrical issues or motor failure. Our team is equipped to repair or replace faulty components quickly and efficiently.

A/C - bad smell

Mold or bacteria buildup often causes foul odors in the A/C system. Our cleaning services remove these contaminants, leaving your BMW smelling fresh.

BMW Heater Problems

Heater blowing cold air

A heater that blows cold air might have a faulty thermostat or a blocked heater core. Our service includes a thorough inspection and repair to ensure warm air in cooler weather.

Heater not working

If your BMW's heater is not working, it could be due to issues ranging from a blown fuse to a malfunctioning core. We provide comprehensive diagnostics and repairs.

Heater Control Valve Replacement

What are the symptoms of a bad heater control valve?

Symptoms include inconsistent heating, overheating, and leakage. A faulty valve can affect cabin comfort and engine temperature regulation. Replacing a bad heater control valve ensures optimal performance and reliability.

BMW A/C or Heater Repair Costs

The cost of repairing your BMW's A/C or heater system at BMRauto varies depending on the specific problem and your vehicle model. We strive to offer competitive pricing and detailed quotes before any work is done. Our services cover everything from simple repairs like hose replacements to more complex issues like compressor replacements. For detailed estimates and to schedule a repair, please call 954-947-0057.

Warranty for BMW Auto Repairs by BMRauto

BMRauto Auto Repair Shop is committed to providing outstanding service to BMW owners near Miami, FL. Our warranty for BMW auto repairs is a testament to this dedication and offers peace of mind to our clients. However, please note that our warranty only covers our work, not the parts used in the repair. This warranty demonstrates our client's trust in us with their vehicles. Whether your BMW needs a routine check-up or a complex repair, you can rest assured that it is in expert hands at our shop.

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BMW A/C & Heater Repair Services near Miami, FL